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Waxing treatments

Waxing  - Clean and Easy System

Half Leg £16
Full Leg £23
Full Leg and Bikini £27
Full Leg, Bikini and Underarm £33
Half Leg, Bikini and Underarm £29
Bikini £9
High Leg Bikini £12
Brazillian  £28
Hollywood £38
Playboy £45
Under Arm £9
Eye Brow £7
Half Arm  £12
Full Arm £16
Upper Lip £5
Chin £6
Upper Lip and Chin £9

Mens Waxing

Eye Brow £7
Back £20
Chest £20
Back and Chest £36

Lycon Waxing

Lycon Precision Waxing (TM) was established in 1978 in Australia by internationally acclaimed beauty therapist Lydia Jordane and is since trusted as the wax of choice in top spas and salons in over 40 countries. Lycon offers a complete waxing system that is designed to make your waxing treatments easier; virtually pain-free for your clients with consistenly superb results.

Lycon Waxing Methods

There are three different Lycon waxing methods – Hot Waxing, Lycojet-ing and Strip Waxing. The entire Lycon Wax range has grown since it was first launched and the array of quality waxes come in many exciting colours and scents which allows you to tailor the best waxing combination

Lycon Hot Wax

Lycons ground breaking stripless hot waxes shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1mm! It’s perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the face and body. Lycon hot waxes encompass the finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair-free. Used at an extra low temperature, Lycon hot waxes can be re-applied 5 - 6 times on just waxed skin, without affecting their superior grip and pliability and without discomfort or irritation. Excellent on the most sensitive skins anywhere, Lycon hot waxes are the professional’s companion for perfect Brazilian waxing!

Body areas to use Lycon Hot Wax:

  • Bikini lines and Underarms; it is extra gentle and soothing for those sensitive areas and leave a cleaner and neater finish than Strip Wax
  • Eyebrow, lips and facial area; it is great for these areas, however, you can also use Lycojet Wax as they can be applied thinner and contain hydrating and calming ingredients
  • Body; Hot Wax is recommended for smaller areas, i.e. Necks and Shoulders

Lycon Strip Wax

Lycon Strip Wax is fast to apply, has an extra strong grip and no sticky residue. Using a metal spatula allows for ultra-thin application which results in minimum skin drag. It is made from a special blend of natural and organic raw materials to grip and remove hair as short as 2mm! All Lycon Strip Waxes are based on the same formula; however, they have their own individual colours and aromatherapy ingredients. All Lycon Strip waxes can be reapplied on the same area 2 to 3 times should some hair be missed.

Body areas to use Lycon Strip Wax:

  • Bikini lines and Underarms; many salons use Lycon Strip wax for these areas, however we much prefer and highly recommend the results and the painless waxing that Lycon hot waxes offer on these sensitive areas. Furthermore it is much easier to wax these areas with a hot wax as they leave a much cleaner and neater finish
  • Body; Lycon Strip Waxes are perfect for legs and arms, efficiently removing hair as short as 2mm.
  • Backs, Chests and Necks; Lycon Strip Wax can also be used for these areas, however, this can be more painful than Hot Wax and might not remove the hair as well, should it be very short

Intimate Waxing

Brazillian £25
Hollywood £35
High Line Bikini £12
Standard Bikini £10

Regular Waxing

Upper Lip £6
Chin £6
Upper Lip and Chin £10
Under Arm £10

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