Goddess SpaSpray Tan Advice


Here are a few tips to ensure your skin is in the best condition to get a spray tan

  • Exfoliate your entire body well with either nylon exfoliating gloves or a washcloth.
  • Shave at least 6 hours proir to getting a spray tan as this will give time for the pores to close and avoid a speckled appearance
  • Do not use a moisturizing soap or body wash before you tan as this leaves a layer on the skin that the tanning solution won't penetrate
  • If your tan appointment is later in the day, you may need to shower before coming to remove any sweat and oils that have built up during the day
  • Skin should be clean and dry before applying tan  - avoid moisturizers, deodorants or makeup before your tanning appointment. 
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and slip on shoes and avoid wearing anything special as some tan may transfer onto your clothes
  • Follow the tanning guidelines provided by tanning team to ensure the best colour for your skin tone

Goddess Spa offer FakeBake and Goddess spray tans, call the salon on 0141 849 0203  to book your appointment

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